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English Phonics?
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Ability of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.


Ability to identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another.


Ability to make sense of and understand what another person is saying


Ability to decode letters into their respective sounds and blending them properly.

Why English Phonics is important

Phonics is a method for teaching how to read and write in English. It involves matching the sound of spoken English with each letter or group of letters (blending).

Native-speaker children start to learn English phonics from 3 years up to 8 years old.

Every child with strong phonics skills will have English as a native language.

English reading and writing are necessaries skills for any international academic path.


A child, after a good English phonics course, will be able to read properly the sounds here below at the actual speed


Key elements to teach phonics effectively are:

  • the ambient where the child is learning.
  • the teaching material to be used as a facilitator (example/pattern) for the little student.
  • the time of exposure to the language and to the exercises.
The key to success in a reading lesson is the relationship between the teacher, the child and the material to be read.
Prof. Phillip Cormack

What will you find here?

The most complete and efficient material for teaching Phonics to early years children in a home-learning or school environment.

👉  All necessary exercises for reading, listening, speaking and writing.

☝️ Synthetic phonics (teaches the letter sounds and then builds up to blending these sounds together)

🚀 100+ phonemes and sounds divided into 5 textbooks:

  1. Alphabet
  2. Short Vowels
  3. Long Vowels
  4. Double Letters
  5. Similar sounds

Each stage is built in a specific sequence of phonemes and words in order to facilitate and boost learning.

👉  250+ high focus videos for fast learning,

👉  125 lesson plans,

👉  499 Audio Flashcards,

✅  Lessons tracking.

🙋🏻‍♀️  For parents, teachers and schools.

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